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BEST Christmas Toys for Sale this Year!

Christmas shopping for the best Christmas Toys sale online in 2011, at the best discount prices too? We are here to help! If you are looking for the best bargains, sales and discounts on Christmas Toys 2011, we will deliver!

This holiday season, there are dozens of different, exciting toys for sale! And, many of these products are low cost, yet more fun than last year's. That helps in this economy for sure.

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Best Christmas Toys Sale 2011 Ever - from Flikr  A good way to find the best Christmas toys for presents is to navigate through our website! It is especially created for you to easily see the best Christmas Toys sale this year. We have researched and found these gifts at really low prices too, as well as free shipping or low cost shipping.

Our goal is to give you the information and access to the best Christmas Toys sale for presents that will make this the best Christmas your kids have ever had, even when money is tight!

Christmas Toys -- Proving to be the BEST of 2011:

Below is a list of the best Christmas toys (as being reported by the "toy experts") for the 2011 Christmas Toys season. You can find full information on these products by clicking the links either in the listing below or found on our sidebar. We will adding more and more Christmas Toys for sale quite often, so make sure to bookmark us!

Air Swimmer Shark
Air Swimmer Remote Control Shark! Ask any child (or adult) if they would like an Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Shark for Christmas and I bet you know what they will say. YES! How cool is this? The Air Swimmer can be controled by remote control. It can move up, down, left and right from up to 40 feet way from the controller. Think of the FUN your child will have with it! For Ages 36 months - 15 years

FIJIT Friends Christmas Toy Sale

FIJIT Friends are wonderful interactive toys especially for girls. Fijit Friends have four to choose from, and have voice recognition, beat detection, dance mode, and over 150 built-in responses. They will make your little girl feel cool and cute too. Requires 5 AA batteries. For Ages 6 to 12.

Rockstar Mickey Christmas Toy
Rockstar Mickey First there was Dance Star Mickey, now there is Rock Star Mickey! He has his own signature Rockstar dance moves that will keep your kids highly amused. He can even split, kick and make his head bob during his mini-concert. Require 4 AA Batteries.
For Ages 2 - 6 (and Adults too!)

Furreal GoGo Walking Pup
FurReal GoGo Walking Pup If you do not have a puppy yet, get the next best thing as a Christmas present! A FurReal GoGo Walking My Pup! This extremely cute toy dog acts just like a real puppy. From her puppy eyes to her furry coat, your child will fall in love immediately! For ages 4 and up.

Gro Pro Basketball Christmas Toys Gro to Pro Basketball is an excellent Christmas Toys for this year! Gro to Pro Basketball is small enough for a two year old to begin learning and playing basketball, and will "grow" with your child. Very affordable too, especially for what it offers. For Ages 2 years and up


EyeClops Mini Projector
EyeClops Mini Projector Here's one the best Christmas Toys that can be used tons of ways and provide hours of fun, the EyeClops Mini Projector. It works with several different media and allows you to project up to 60.” It is small and very lightweight so it's easy to take anywhere -- camping, outside, overnight parties and more! For Ages 8 to 15 years

A Christmas Toy for Mommy and Daddy, and the Whole Family!

Now why should the kids be the only one to get their dream presents? It's time to buy an LCD HDTV -- the prices are lower than ever! You and your kids and family will LOVE the crisp clean TV images only an HDTV LCD can give you!

Christmas Toys Decisions:

When choosing Christmas Toys, you will probably desire to buy toys especially suited for your children's age group. Each recommended Christmas toy on our site identifies the age appropriate group it is designated for. We hope this takes a bit of the hassle out of Christmas Toy decisions!

We hope our list of Hot Christmas Toys for the 2009 season helps you find the perfect toys for your kids. We also have grouped several toys together by gender and age group. You can access these recommendations through the links on the side of our web page.

Look what Christmas Present is Under the Tree

Christmas Toys Sell Out FAST!

Every year there seems to be a lot of HOT Christmas Toys that get SOLD OUT way before the end of Christmas shipping time. So, you may wish to buy Christmas Toys early -- especially those designated as "HOT." You certainly don't want to be scrambling to find that one present your child absolutely is wishing for this year! So, if you can, it is always best to shop early for the Best Christmas Toys sale like the ones listed on our website.

Helping you economically shop for Christmas is our mission! We love Christmas. Whether you're shopping for Christmas presents ideas for friends and family, we'll list the top Christmas gifts to try to help make your holiday shopping fun and easy.

It's Christmas Season and it's time for JOY! Let's stop worrying for a few minutes and just give thanks for what we have. Let's change our perspective a bit and view our lives as being GREAT!

Our wish for you and yours is that you find and receive everything you desire and more.


We want to hear from you, so please leave your feedback or Best Christmas Toys Reviews


Air Swimmer Shark Remote Control Deals

An entirely unusual Christmas Toys this year would be the Air Swimmer Shark Remote Control Inflated Shark. It is also an excellent Christmas Toys for this year! Get the best prices on Air Swimmer Shark here!


Air Swimmer Shark Remote Control Inflatable Shark

Air Swimmer Shark
For Sale

At Super LOW Prices

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Highlights of Air Swimmer Shark Review

  • Visit Official Air Swimmer Shark [Click Here]

  • Discount Price: $39.99 + Free Shipping Offer *
  • Up to 40 Range Infra-red Remote Control
  • Air Swimmer Shark will respond to your inputs moving up and down most importantly left to right

  • Air Swimmer Shark Measures 57 x 36 Inches
  • Requires helium to float - can be reinflated over and over

  • Stays inflated for up to two weeks.
  • Requires 4 AAA Batteries (one in the body, three in the controller)
  • For Ages 3 to 15 years

*Prices & Discounts may change at anytime -- up or down ;).

About Air Swimmer Shark Review

Who would ever had thought you could actually OWN a lifelike Shark that "swims" through the air at your own commands? Well now your child can own an Air Swimmer Shark and it does swim through the air.

The Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark is fascinating Christmas toys for your child to look at, play with and own. Some of the features this amazing Christmas toy offers includes:

• Great indoor fun – Because this toy can only be used indoors, your friends and family will have a blast at home.

• Your child can control it – The Air Swimmer shark can move up, down, left and right from up to 40 feet way from the controller. You can make it do tricks, chase people or your pets, or just let it wander around the room.

• The Air Swimmer Inflatable Remote Control Shark is made of durable nylon – This means that your inflatable Air Swimmer shark will not be easy to rip or tear. It can really last a long time, especially if taken care of.

• The Air Swimmer Shark is a perfect gift for children and adults of all ages – Whether you are a 5 year old kid or a 99 year old grandpa, this Christmas toy is sure to give you some laughs and fun-filled excitement.

• The Air Swimmer is actually very lightweight – Because this is made of nylon, and expands with helium, this toy will not be heavy to move around. In fact, it only weighs about 1.2 pounds, so even a child can carry this around.

• It stays inflated for up to a couple of weeks – Helium is required to make this toy work. That means you have two weeks of having a floating shark in your room to play with over and over again.

• It is 57 x 36 inches in size – This lifelike and life-size shark Christmas toy is sure to bring delight, or fear, to anyone that encounters it.

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Actual User Reviews of Air Swimmer Inflatable Remote Control Shark - Excerpts

We researched the internet for real reviews by users of the Air Swimmer Shark. We found several online and would like to share a few excerpts:

I have the shark and first off, it looks way cool. People who see it flying are intrigued and delighted. The only thing that could be improved would be the radio reception. Overall it is way fun though! Hours of entertainment and soooo many great applications (i enjoy flying mine at the high ceilinged local bar).
"Haley" on amazon .com

Wow, it really flies! You move forward by flapping the tail back and forth. You steer by flapping more left or more right. You climb and dive with a separate button that tips the shark up or down. With a bit of practice, you can steer wherever you want. Unlike many flying toys, this one really works.
Dave M on amazon .com

Long story long, this is a super-cool attention-getter, and will keep you obsessed until it stops floating. Get the good helium. Get good batteries. Take your time putting it together. Enjoy it. There's no other toy out there like it.
Martin A on amazon .com

I think this (the Air Swimmer Shark) is absolutely the coolest thing this year. It does work perfectly though if directoins are followed. Overall one of the best rc toys I have seen that actually works.
Gina B on amazon .com

When I first bought this thing, I was a bit skeptical, how could a $40 Balloon be any fun. after assembly this thing was awesome! It was hard to tell if it was flying or swimming. My son learned a few things about ballast and air displacement. Overall a great toy, pretty durable.
P.G. on amazon .com


Air Swimmer Shark Review Summary

Our summary of the Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark Review concludes that if you are shopping for an exciting Christmas toy for your children, or maybe you simply want to scare a few people who go to your home or office, purchasing the Air Swimmer Shark would be a great idea.

The size of the Air Swimmer Shark alone, when inflated, is enough to make your child go “Wow!” or an unsuspecting adult go, “Ahhh!”

Kids and parents both have testified to how great this inflatable toy is, and how much fun they have when controlling the Air Swimmer shark to "swim" around.

One consumer has said, “People who see it flying are intrigued and delighted.” Just seeing a shark fly is amazing, but being able to control it is purely awesome. You’re sure to have fun with this inflatable remote control Air Swimmer shark.


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