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Last year there was Dance Star Mickey and this year we have the cool Rock Star Mickey to give as Christmas Toys! This Disney Micky Mouse Rockstar is ready to dance and play guitar right into the heart of your child. Get the best bargains on Rockstar Mickey here!


Rockstar Mickey Mouse

Rock Star Mickey For Sale

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Highlights of Disney's Rockstar Mickey Review

  • Official Rockstar Mickey [Click Here]

  • List Price: $53.99
  • Discount Price: $48.88 + Free Shipping Offer *
  • You Save: $5.11 (9%)*
  • This cool Mickey Mouse is ready to Rock & Roll, dance and play his guitar
  • He comes with & wears cool sunglasses like a real rock star
  • He will dance with head bops and leg kicks
  • Guitar pictured sold separately
  • Requires 4 AA Batteries (included)
  • For Ages 2 to 6

*Prices & Discounts may change at anytime -- up or down ;).

About Rockstar Mickey Review

This year, in September 2011, Fisher Price introduced Rock Star Mickey who is really cool. As usual, Fisher-Price gives us another version of the Mickey Mouse Christmas toy that has captured our children’s hearts as well as the inner-kid in all of us.

RockStar Mickey is intended for kids who are 2 to 6 years of age. Here are a few more facts about the Rock Star Mickey:

• Rockstar Mickey has his own signature moves. He has an array of rock start moves that will keep you amused. He can split, kick and make his head bob during his mini-concert. He can also do other poses and moves that are quite entertaining.

• Rockstar Mickey has a how to be a Rock Star mode – once turned on, Rock Start Mickey will demonstrate some “rock star” moves for your child to learn. You shouldn’t be surprised once your kid starts to dance some rock star moves on his own.

• Mickey uses a six-string electric guitar (sold separately for around $20). It’s quite entertaining to see the three songs it has mastered and the array of moves to mix it up, your child would not want to miss a single second watching Rock Star Mickey perform.

• Rock Star Mickey comes with very cool sunglasses and gives Mickey that overall rock star look.

• With the rocking and jamming all over the place, Mickey can also drop into a split pose for you. He can even play the guitar using his nose.

» Official Rock Star Mickey [Click Here]


Actual User Reviews of Rock Star Mickey - Excerpts

In our research for real reviews for the Rock Star Mickey Christmas Toy, we found several online and would like to share a few excerpts:

Built to last, this Mickey is a heavy duty toy that entertains! Meant for 2 years and up, this toy can ACTUALLY be enjoyed by two years AND up. There aren't any small parts to get choked on, or lost, there-in loosing a function of the toy. That in itself is quite nice.
"MajorMusicLover" on amazon .com

I gave it to my neice. While the idea for a rocker mickey is catchy. Apart from bobbing its head up and down and playing one rock hit'you really got me' it doesnt do much. Still, it is quite entertaining and will hold a small child's attention.
T Unar on amazon .com

From the moment my daughter saw this doll in a store display, she fell in love with it. This is a similar, yet updated and improved, take on the Dance Star Mickey doll from Fisher-Price that came out a year or two ago. He stands at just over one-foot tall and my daughter, who is three and a half, had no trouble operating him..
"A" on amazon .com

We are huge Mickey fans and this toy is a huge hit. the way he dances around and plays his guitar, the kids think he is so cool. What fun for the family to watch and play with. Tons of fun, we can just sit and watch him for hours.
Jenn B on amazon .com

This toy has the advantage right off just because it's Mickey Mouse. All children know Mickey. My three-year old granddaughter was thrilled when she saw him. Then when she saw his foot start kicking, she was enthralled with him. She found the button on his foot without any help. She started dancing along with his singing. She squealed with joy when he did the splits.
Deborah P. on amazon .com


Rock Star Mickey Review Summary

Our Rock Star Mickey Review Summary feels that overall this could be another treat for Mickey Mouse fans of your child’s age. It’s quite entertaining for everyone for toys like Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Star Mickey to perform while you’re watching it rock roll.


» Official Rock Star Mickey [Click Here]


Rock Star Mickey is a great Christmas Toy for kids who love Mickey Mouse and like to "rock and roll."

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